Why 2.0 version?

I really don’t like new keefox version :frowning:
I don’t see advantage of it, as many interesting features disappear.
I go back to 1.7.2 version.

Do somebody can answer why this version?
I read the Kee 2.0 features post and it doesn’t convince me at all!

Sorry for developers who works on it, and thanks to answer to my complaint on keefox addon page, but I must say that.

The new version was required for Firefox 57, which does not support its previous API for add-ons any more. The new API (WebExtensions) obviously has some limitations, so that not all functions from the previous add-on (Keefox) can be provided any more with Kee.

One example is probably the removed possibility to launch KeePass from Kee. I have solved this by launching KeePass now with the start of Windows.

I don’t try, but it seems that 1.7.2 still works with firefox 57, if I believe what say Kala at the end of this post: Where is old version of KeeFox

Anyway, if 2.0 is mandatory for firefox 57, I think it must be said very visible on top of this page.

KeeFox can not work with Firefox 57 - Mozilla will not permit that*.

Which page are you referring to where you think we should repeat this information?

* Technically you can run a nightly build of Firefox and enable an option that permits this, but it may stop working any day and indeed may already cause serious bugs with KeeFox 1.7.3 so I strongly discourage that approach.

You can “repeat” the information on top of this forum page at minima.

Another important information: Am I wrong, or version 2.0 doesn’t work at all with firefox 56-?
Because on my computer keefox was updated in 2.0 before firefox was updated in 57, and it was completely crap! I have a quick try yesterday on another computer with firefox 57 and keefox 2.0, it seems far better! (even if we loose functionalities)

Some other people have said this. It worked well for me for months (and continues to do so on a test machine) but it’s not something I’m intending to spend much time supporting - the FF56 support is there mainly to help with a smoother upgrade transition rather than as a long term support target.