Where is old version of KeeFox

Hi, where is old version of KeeFox (working with FF 56)?
I reverted to FF 56, new plugin won’t work with 56.
I want to donwload old version of KeeFox but can’t find (perfect hidden!).

Found in plugin page :slight_smile:Why I don’t see it before… :confused:

Where you find old Keefox


Thank you but cant make it workable :frowning:

In case you want to install it under Firefox 57 - the previous version does only work on Firefox 56 or earlier.

Older version not working because the necessary plugin does not accept older versions to work with.

Unfortunately i am stuck. Many regrets I upgraded in good faith it would work. :frowning:

Yes you are right unfortunately cant make it workable on v56 any more :tired_face:

Ah, older version works after all. Despite error notices, it functions correctly. :slight_smile:

Are you sure keefox works with firefox 57?
Because I really don’t like keefox 2.0, and to keep previous version I don’t want to upgrade firefox to last version, if 1.7.2 donesn’t works anymore with…

1.7.2 works with FF 56.
I upgraded FF to Quantum (57), KeeFox to 2.0, but successfully downgraded FF to 56 and KeeFox to 1.7.2.
Everything works well.

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, for the link to keefox 1.7.2
Maybe Kee works fine with FF57, and I really appreciate your effort in making this addon work with that version’s changes. But Kee will not work for me at all with FF56. And like some mentioned previously. I will have to block out any upgrade to FF57 until hopefully some of the addon’s that I ‘absolutely need’ are again hopefully upgraded to work with FF57.
Again, until that time, I really appreciate your effort in making this addon work with FF57’s changes. Hopefully eventually I will be able to switch to FF57 and Kee.