Which plugin for the latest Firefox and Chrome?

I am about to upgrade computers and in preparation it appeared to me that maybe what i once thought was the plugin i used for FireFox, the RPC plugin, is no longer correct and the html one should be used. Can anyone clarify this for me please?

Also i am going to start experimenting with using Chrome. Can anyone provide info as to the correct installation procedure of Kee on that? I apologize if this is rather basic - i have never dabbled with Chrome and with son attempting to install and configure a new computer i am going to be overwhelmed anyway!

Many thanks for your kindness, consideration and knowledge-

What problems you have with KeePassRPC ?
The actual version 1,14,0.0 works fine here
together with the Kee plugin in Chrome, MSEdge and Firefox.

Thank you very much for your help!

The issue isn’t a problem with the present installation - the issue is that i am preparing to install on a new computer and want to make certain i know what to do, as Firefox and Kee are my very first programs to install so i can continue the process.

My interest in knowing how to do a proper install for Chrome is that i am about to start learning that browser and i want to get that right also!