What is Kee?

I’m a current user of KeePass. Recently stumbled onto Kee. Yes, I’ve seen this:

“Kee adds free, secure and easy password management features to your browser which save time and keep your private data more secure.”

All well and good - but that tells me nothing about exactly what Kee does and and how it works.

What are it’s “password management features”?
How does it “save time and keep your private data more secure”?

Also, what’s the difference between Kee and the KeeForm extension?

Maybe I missed it but I’ve been unable to find a detailed description of Kee. If it exists, please provide a link. TIA

For a KeePass user Kee is an automatic form filler plugin.
It works together with the required KeePassRPC plugin
and provides an automatic way to fill out login forms.
KeeForm requires you to start a page from a KeePass entry
Kee has no such restriction.
You just use your browser the normal way and if you enter a login page
Kee tries to fill the data from your KeePass database.

Thanks for the reply. So, does the Kee extension replace and override the KeePass Auto-Type feature? Isn’t Auto-Type an “automatic form filler”? I can see the benefit of Kee not requiring to start a page from a KeePass entry but are there other advantages as well?

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Kee can’t fully replace KeePass Auto-Type
as it only supports browser logins.
I have many other logins for local programs for which I also use KeePass.