Website Compatibility Profile Database?

As I’m signing up for yet another website (not this one) that has bizarre password requirements, I find myself wondering how useful it would be to have some sort of public database of websites. It would include URLs, icons/favicos, password requirements, and field identities that can aid in account creation. I’m not aware of any service that does this already, so I think it would give Kee something of an edge. Include with Kee subscriptions, charge for commercial access? Offer an extension for the desktop app (or new app entirely?)


Nice idea, but in my experience most website’s don’t even tell you what exactly their requirements are, they just say your password contains invalid characters :confused:

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Thanks for the suggestions.

I’ve been looking into ways to collect some of this information for many years but it is hard to do so in a reliable and privacy-preserving way. The question of trust is very significant and as @pepogo95 points out, even if we were to decide to trust the website’s statements on these issues, there are so many sites out there which would not cooperate that we need some other source of data to make it worthwhile.

We could choose to manually collect and update that data I suppose but the scale of the work required is so huge that I can’t imagine any situation in which it will be saleable at a price people are willing to pay.

I’ve definitely not given up hope in all aspects of this though - in particular I want to explore getting:

  1. icons/favicons from the browser itself once browsers support this
  2. password requirements from Apple’s data source they use for their iOS/Safari form filling feature
  3. field identities from modern HTML attributes supplied by the websites themselves

I expect some of those improvements to be achievable this or next year, and as part of that I’ll be considering to what extent (if any) the features can be monetised and whether the features can or should apply to Kee Vault 2 autofill operations as well as the Kee browser extension for desktop.

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I was imagining that, for the most part, data could be (semi-automatically) crowdsourced from users of Kee & other extensions who opt in to participate. There would probably need to be some manual intervention to specify password requirements. Maybe a sort of crowd consensus/trust could be built around the data gathered, and of course you’d need to account for when a website changes something too. Privacy is definitely an important aspect. I imagine there’s quite a lot of trust in Kee to host our data already so hopefully it wouldn’t be too much of a stretch to add website metadata ontop of that.

Thanks for responding (both of you!), and thanks for considering too.