Waaaaaaaaaaaaaat is this annoying popup?!?!?!?!?!

I have been using KeePass, KeeFox (now Kee [pre Vault]), and KeePassRPC for several years, and recently when I tried to set it up on another PC the same way, I was eventually sadly disappointed to see that the software had been sold to a greedy corporation. Or something? I’m not entirely sure what happened, but there is definitely a money grab afoot, and it’s cloaked in corporate-speak and difficult to decipher, and things all point every which-a-way and make things needlessly difficult to track down. Which is how corporate money grabs usually look.

I isolated the particular versions that I was using (Kee 2.5.6, updated to KeePassRPC 1.14) that worked well and did not include nagware. However, I am getting some new weirdo popup that makes NO FREAKING SENSE. The message is some kind of notification from within the browser (I have the entire Windows notification engine turned off):

do you want kee to save this password

I don’t even know where to begin with this. Is this a mistranslation from another language, culture, or legalese? I can’t make any kind of sense out of it, and I HATE POPUPS. I can’t find a way to turn it off, and DDG can’t find an explanation online of what it’s doing.

Many of your assertions are inaccurate and borderline offensive but I’m afraid I don’t have time to pick them all apart now so let’s just focus on the new-user popup.

It is the standard popup to help new users understand how the interface works. It’s been a feature of Kee since we were forced by Mozilla to change the interface in a way that prevented automatically helping new users in a more direct and configurable fashion.

IIRC, it happens 5 times and then no more. This is the first time I can recall it causing significant offence to anyone. As always, if you have suggestions on how it could be improved within the limitations of the WebExtensions API, please feel free to make them, ideally along with the code to implement the change if we agree that the change will bring an improvement to enough users. However, such a change will only be made to the latest version of Kee - ancient versions like the one you insist on using for reasons that I can’t comprehend, are no longer supported.

As for the wording of the popup, again I have not heard that it is unclear before. Looking again, I still think that is 100% clear. Perhaps it’s less clear to people for whom English is a second language? It should be translated into various other languages by a team of volunteer translators and I can’t vouch for the accuracy of those translations but again, I’ve never heard that there are any issues with that text.

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Thanks for replying! At a later date, when you have some time, I would like to read up on how I’m inaccurate to understand what’s going on with your software.

I don’t understand how you could invertI don’t even know where to begin with this. Is this a mistranslation from another language, culture, or legalese? I can’t make any kind of sense out of it,” into “Perhaps it’s less clear to people for whom English is a second language?

I suspect that’s the root of our problem. English is my first language, and I have no idea if it’s yours or not, or maybe you learned Australian, British, Common Core, or California English. My focus on language is because we clearly lack some form of understanding. For example, you’re even getting offended when I’m simply explaining what facts that I can suss out from my perspective.

To get the popup, I installed the extension, the plugin in KeePass, and then logged in to a website that was already defined in the already existing database. All are technical tasks, and several of them indicate that I’m not a new user. And you should be able to detect some of those in the plugin and extension to come to that conclusion.

Mangling some Engrish to ask if I want to save something that had already been saved makes no sense, and I couldn’t figure out the meaning based on the error message. You briefly added that it’s meant for new users, and I could gather that much, but not what it was doing or what it wanted. especially given that the username and password were already in a database and had no need to be saved.

I see that a lot of your posts are fairly verbose (that’s a good thing!), so maybe you could explain what it’s supposed to do, then I could give a recommendation about when the popup should appear and what it should say.

Part of the reason for the title was because I have no idea what it’s supposed to be doing, so I can’t explain why it’s bad or what it should be doing differently. Also, I figured it might help get some attention :smiley:

FWIW, I agree completely with luckyrat. In fact, he was kind. Your message struck me as offensive and the purpose and meaning of the popup seems clear. Yes, the fact that the instructional popup appears when the entry was already in the database could be confusing, but you didn’t mention that fact in your original post amongst the rant and accusations.


This is wasted bandwidth.

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So far every time I use it I get the popup. At approx 10 - 12 uses and I still get the popup.