User Name on not populatign

Walmart changed their sign in process a few months back and Kee has not been able to work since. I tried to do some customer settings tonight to make it work, but cannot get anything to happen. When you click Sign in or create account it opens a new page. Kee will not place the user name in the email address field not matter what I try. If I copy and paste the email in and click Continue, the password page works correctly. When I inspect the element it shows, <input type="email" id="ld_ui_textfield_632597" value="" autocomplete="email" name="Email Address" aria-label="Email Address" class="w_ZjHt">. I have tried adding Form Field in the Kee Tab on the entry in Kee pass, but still nothing is recognized. Any ideas on how to get this to work?

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Kee not working with Walmart? Here’s a quick fix:

  • Update Kee: Make sure you’re using the latest version.
  • Auto-Type Tweaks: Set username field to “Email Address” and uncheck “Submit form”.
  • Advanced Javascript: Add code to focus email field (optional).
  • Kee Browser Extension: Try using the extension for auto-fill.
  • Report the Issue: Help improve Kee for everyone!

Bonus: Disable unnecessary extensions, clear cache, enable Javascript.

Good luck! Hopefully one of these gets Kee working at Walmart again.

  • I keep Kee and Keepass up to date all the time.
  • Already tried setting Email Address to User Name
  • How do you do javascript for Kee?
  • I already have the browser extension - that is what I am trying to get to work.
  • I thought this was how you report the issue!