Use with KeepassXC?


Is it possible to use Kee with KeepassXC? I have no idea where to install the KeepassRPC plugin for that, especially since I’m on a Mac and it’s in a .app bundle. It doesn’t seem to have any UI for managing plugins.

There is also a Mac-specific client called MacPass that’s worth considering. It wouldn’t recognize KeepassRPC as a valid plugin, though.



I did a bit of research on the topic.

I’ve followed this discussion the best I could; the gist of it looks to be that the RPC plugin would be the best way for keepassxc to integrate with the FF/chrome extension.

Now, keepassxc currently can’t use plugins.

On the other hand it supports browser integration through:

  • HTTP - about to be deprecated because insecure
  • browser native messaging

(both are referenced in the README of the project)

The native messaging patch has been merged but the release is being held. Let’s cross fingers.

I’ve built keepassxc:develop but it doesn’t connect to the FF plugin (possibly I’m doing something wrong, don’t know).

Me too, I’m looking forward to using keepassxc. I’d like to implement a workflow along the line as described here.



Now, KeepassXC uses [keepassxreboot](].

Is it possible to use it? KeePass is awful to use on MacOS.