Use case: Storing attachments of documents

Hi, I am interested in storing photos of documents, for example, a PNG of an identification card, to have as a backup when traveling. I appreciate this is not exactly a core feature, but did see a the ability to store TXT files, etc. Could anyone point me to advice or docs on strategies for this use case, limitations, tricks, etc?
Cheers Ed.

Hi Ed,

In general we’d advise to use a tool more suited to the job of document storage and sharing while travelling. Something like NextCloud, DropBox, OneDrive, etc. might work well - you can then store your account credentials for this storage system within your Kee Vault so you can get to it anywhere that you have internet access without having to keep track of any additional passwords. For offline access, most of those sort of document storage services offer a way to synchronise all or some of your documents to multiple devices, including mobile phones.

The performance of Kee Vault will rapidly decrease as you add more file attachments to it (every one needs to be decrypted and re-encrypted again when loading or saving your vault, for various security reasons that I won’t go into now). Thus, we only recommend storing small files (around 100KB on average as long as you don’t do it for hundreds of entries).

That said, there should be no limitation on the type of file you can store (and technically we have not yet strictly enforced the size recommendations I mentioned above, but that might change with no advance notice in future).

If I recall correctly, the TXT file example was chosen to ensure that people think a little bit before trying to use their Kee Vault as a general-purpose file storage system, so it looks like that might have worked!

If you’re going to store some images in your Vault, try to keep their file size small. For example, big jpeg images produced by a modern camera will be excessively high-detailed for most needs and you might find a big size difference between a jpeg and a png, for technical reasons that again I won’t go into here. So a little manual editing of your original image is probably needed.

Kee Vault was designed to automatically display attached images in a similar way to how it displays text files. Unfortunately it looks like this no longer works in the latest version of Firefox - I’ve not had time to test in other browsers or work out how to re-enable this feature but will at least try to get it working in the next version of Kee Vault (coincidentally, I have scheduled some time this month to develop the attachments feature of this new version).