URL Matching with wildcards & regular expressions not working (WebAutoType Plugin)



I am a big fan of auto-fill & auto-submit using the webautotype plugin (https://sourceforge.net/projects/webautotype/).

However, it seems that no wildcard or regex expression works for matching OR blocking URLs with webautotype & kee.

When connecting to some websites where I have multiple accounts & credentials, I would need to use a “block” URL pattern to exclude a login link which includes the username I don’t wish to use.
This type of block does not work in my case. Ex:

I have link which looks like this:


When I want to login with Y, I want to prevent kee from autofilling & autosubmitting the login entry of X for that same website, so that the Y entry gets autofilled & submitted. I tried inserting such patterns to block:

  • *username=X*
  • //.*username=X.*//
  • *username=X&var3=blop3
  • *X*

With no success. I can either

  • match by hostname, but then I have both entries matching and can’t auto-fill & autosubmit.
  • match exact, but then some parameter in the query string will change every time, and I can’t make any wildcard or regex work with kee.

Is the wildcard & regex matching officially verified and working with the webautotype plugin? What would cause the wildcards to not work?

I have looked around but can’t find an answer.

Many thanks for your help and amazing work with kee.




It sounds like the settings you’re changing relate to Kee, via KeePassRPC, but you’re expecting them to affect the behaviour of WebAutotype instead.

WebAutotype is in no way related to Kee or KeePassRPC.

I would not expect the two to work together - the same goes for any other combination of plugins that attempt to take automatic actions like filling and submitting form fields. They inevitably end up overwriting and interfering with each other’s designed behaviour, often in ways that vary from site to site and minute to minute.

It’s not impossible to run both on the same KeePass instance I guess, although I don’t really understand why one would introduce this huge extra complexity.

I’m not at all familiar with WebAutoType so can’t offer any specific advice on how or why it conflicts with KeePassRPC and/or Kee, nor whether there is a way to work around those potential conflicts.


You’re exactly right. Somehow I had assumed webautotype was supposed to enhance KeePassRPC and to go with it. It makes more sense now.

Thanks a lot for taking the time.