URL Matching (fields)

I finally realized why Kee isn’t matching on some of my URLs as I make use URL variables (https://keepass.info/help/base/autourl.html) - specifically the “cmd” to set a specific browser (or rather to pass the incognito field to the browser as well). When I have that - Kee doesn’t properly match against the URL.

Example: cmd://{GOOGLECHROME} "https://theweb.site/" -incognito

Would be great if you are able to parse stuff like this for proper matching

Sorry, but it’s not very likely that we’ll add support for processing this sort of URL data - not only would it likely be a lot of work to delveop and maintain but it’s an area that can all too easily lead to security risks through accidental misconfiguration, so we’ll continue to err on the side of failing to match an entry if there’s something unexpected about a URL.

Is this sort of cmd workaround still required?

I note that the upcoming version of KeePass will be adding support for private browsing mode in the new Edge browser and therefore would expect that this feature is already supported for a common browser like Chrome. I’ve never tried but thought it worth mentioning in case you’ve not looked into what KeePass itself can offer in recent versions.