Update to a new version of Kee

Today I received a notificacion for update to 2,3.19beta (wich is the same I have installed!. I went to the githubn page and I saw there is the 2.4.12 v. but Firefox prohibits to install it. In the addons mozilla page there is the version ??? What is the last and how can I update??

Firefox should have notified you of a new update FROM 2.3.19 beta TO 2.4.12 beta.

Beta updates are handled automatically by Firefox but it sounds like when they are notified rather than automatically installed, their user interface or messaging may need some improvement - I’ve not seen it personally since I have my own beta testing profile set to auto-update (and do most day-to-day browsing using experimental versions that I manually install).

Does Firefox give you a link to click on to update?

Does it keep notifying you? If so, a screenshot of what it says could be helpful.

There were around 30 minutes straight after the beta version was published where automatic downloads could have failed due to an as-yet undiagnosed change to Firefox or GitHub in the past 6 months (https://github.com/kee-org/browser-addon/issues/205).

With automatic updates Firefox would just silently try again a bit later if its daily update check happened to coincide with that problem; I have no idea how it would have handled the situation with manual updates enabled but looking at the timing of your post, it’s certainly feasible that your Firefox was affected by this issue in some fashion.

As for Firefox failing to install when you manually downloaded the file - that could be due to one or both of these two reasons:

  1. You have to confirm that you are happy for Firefox to install from github.com when it asks
  2. You have to choose the right file from the GitHub release to work with a typical Firefox version (it’s the one with beta in the name so in this case https://github.com/kee-org/browser-addon/releases/download/2.4.12/kee-2.4.12beta-an.fx.xpi)