Unmatched `backticks are not normal in the Debug LogFiles, right?

i start keepass with a debug log using WinFlag+R and choose the following from already run list, update the date time stamp, and run:

cmd.exe /k pushd E:\TEMP\LOGS\ && "C:\Program Files (x86)\KeePass Password Safe 2\KeePass.exe" --debug --KPRPCDebug=E:\TEMP\LOGS\kp-rpc-debug-20181111-1730.log

Note the ` backtick symbols below, some of them unmatched. Are the backticks and the content between the matched backticks normal?

Fleck says: Error while reading. Exception: Fleck2.WebSocketException: Exception of type 'Fleck2.WebSocketException' was thrown.
   at Fleck2.HandlerFactory.BuildHandler(WebSocketHttpRequest request, Action`1 onMessage, Action onClose, Action`1 onBinary)
   at Fleck2.WebSocketConnection.CreateHandler(IEnumerable`1 data)
   at Fleck2.WebSocketConnection.<>c__DisplayClassb.<Read>b__a(Int32 r)
   at Fleck2.SocketResult.Success[TResult](Action`1 callback)
   at Fleck2.SocketWrapper.<>c__DisplayClass7.<Receive>b__6(SocketResult result)
   at Fleck2.SocketFactory.<>c__DisplayClass16.<DoAsyncTask>b__15(Object )
Fleck says: Client connected from
Fleck says: 235 bytes read

kp-rpc-debug-20181111-1719.log (17.8 KB)

KeePass 2.40
KeePassRPC 1.8.0
latest KeePass Firefox Plugin

Nice-to-Have: Logging system would automatically log the currently running version of each relevant component - KeePass, Kee, Kee Plugin into the logfile, and maybe other things like the KeePassLibC version.

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The backticks are normal and are not expected to match. They’re part of the .NET stack trace (indicating that the parameter expected by the listed method is generic). That log output looks like a typical .NET stack trace to me and IIRC Fleck throws that exception when Firefox closes the connection so it’s not uncommon to see it in a log file.

The log is only used for a few low-level things at the moment like diagnosing network port problems but I agree that if/when we look to expand its capabilities, logging some extra system/component information each time would be a good enhancement so thanks for the suggestion.