Unexpected behaviour between apps when renaming groups


I use Kee Vault on both the Firefox (Windows 10) and Play Store (Android) apps. Until very recently, my entries have been quite poorly organized. I had six groups (not including the “root” group that they are all contained in), most of which I created a long time ago; this might have been back when I was still using KeePass, before I imported everything into Vault, but I’m not entirely sure.

I had initally planned on saving new entries into these groups to keep everything organized. But over time, I became lazy and started leaving new entries ungrouped. Yesterday, I finally decided to start grouping all these new entries, and realized that the way I had grouped my old entries was no longer helpful to me. So I ended up making ten new groups and renaming the six old ones, and started moving entries around. All of this was done on Firefox.

Today, I noticed that most of the folders I renamed still show their original names on Android. This extends to the “Templates” folder, and the particularly interesting thing about that is that it is still treated as containing my templates on Firefox. That is to say, on Firefox I renamed it to “Travel” and put all of my travel-related entries in there. But if I click “Add New” (the plus icon) it lists “Entry”, “Group”, then all of the entries in Travel (as if they were templates), then finally “Template”. If I click Template, it creates a new empty entry in Travel. However, when I check my vault from Android, there is no Travel group, because it’s still shown to be named Templates. But it does contain all of my travel-related entries I moved into it.

Hopefully I explained this in a sensible way. Please let me know if you’d like any clarification or screenshots. As for troubleshooting this, the only step I’ve taken so far is to sign out and back in from both apps. I was thinking I could try renaming the groups from Android next, since I’ve only tried doing it from Firefox so far. But I’m open to suggestions.

P.S. Shout outs to the Kee Vault dev(s), I’m thrilled with all the changes/improvements in recent years, and the Android app is particularly awesome!

Technical info:

  • Kee v3.9.5, Firefox v109.0 (64-bit), Windows 10 22H2
  • Kee Vault v1.0.16, Android 12

Hm, apparently something changed overnight, and now on Firefox the groups have reverted to using their old names. I had customized the group icons as well, and those are now back to the default icon as they were previously. The new groups still appear exactly as expected though.

Sorry to hear about these problems renaming groups.

There might be multiple things happening at the same time so I’m trying to investigate bit by bit.

In the mean time, trying a change from Android first would be an interesting troubleshooting step. Perhaps limit the amount of changes at one time - both because that might make it easier to identify a cause of the problem and because if the problem does occur again you won’t have spent so much time on the task that then needs to be repeated.

Do you remember if you had a Templates folder in KeePass before importing into Kee Vault? Since this is a “special” folder but not treated in any special way by Kee Vault on Android, it’s a good candidate to trigger a bug, although your latest update does indicate that there is a wider problem that might not be specific to only the magic Templates folder.

Another thing to try is to leave the Templates folder where it is but just move out any entries that you no longer want to be templates. It should be possible to delete the Templates folder so if you’re no longer using that feature you should be able to tidy up afterwards.

My investigation so far:

Details are below but the main point is that I have been unable to reproduce any similar problems.

I created a Templates group and renamed a different group in Firefox. Both changes synchronised properly to Android.

Then I made a 3rd change (renamed an entry in the group I had renamed), this time on Android. After synchronising to Firefox, all changes were present and correct.

Next I renamed the Templates group in Firefox and changed its icon. This worked fine on Android (although of course Group icons are never shown on the small Android screen). I saved another change to a different entry and then saw that all changes were visible correctly in Firefox.