Unable to unsubscribe from Email spam

Hi there,

I’m desperately trying to unsubscribe from emails receiving from kee vault. The linked unsubscribe page is not working. There is not contact opportunity.

Please resolve this issue and let me know how I can delete my email from your mailing list.


Sorry, that must be really frustrating! Please send me a private message on this forum with an example of the email you’re trying to unsubscribe from and the link to the unsubscribe page that is not working.

Thanks for letting us know about the problem. We’ll get to the bottom of it and get you unsubscribed as soon as possible.

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Thanks a lot, I just sent you a DM with all emails and hyperlinks. Aiming to resolve this issue.

Thanks for the information. I can now see that we have a fault in our email unsubscription system which means the unsubscription fails if someone (like you) previously experienced a specific unknown problem when first subscribing to Kee Vault.

It remains for us to work out what exactly the original problem with your subscription was but in any case we can try an additional step to unsubscribe accounts that end up in this state so no one else suffers the same unsubscribe error.

We’ll enable a fix for that tomorrow but in the mean time please rest assured that you won’t get any more emails from Kee Vault (in fact you had already received the last of the training/introductory emails so wouldn’t have got any further ones anyway).

I don’t know how this forum software behaves by default but you may find email notifications and/or occasional updates from the forum are enabled. If you get something from the community forum and don’t want it, just click the unsubscribe link - it will work… surely?! :sweat_smile:

Thanks again for taking the time to report the problem.