Two websites not working correctly with Kee


we are now using KeePass and Kee (in Firefox) in our company, and it works very good. But there are two websites, where Kee does not fill in everything correctly:

The first one is:

Here, Kee shows all our entries in both the user name and password fields, but if we select one entry, only the password (Passwort) field is filled in. The user name (Benutzername) field is marked in red, but is not filled in. How can we get Kee to fill in the user name field as well?

The second one is: (this is not the URL of the exact login page, because it shows an error most times, when accessed directly)

To get to the login page, we are selecting the CH Login.

On this login page, Kee does not show anything, the Kee icon does not appear in the user name field (E-Mail). If we click on continue (Weiter), the password field is filled automatically by Kee, even though the URL is now slightly different. In the KeePass entry the exact URL of the login page with the user name field is entered. Why does Kee only recognize the password field with the different URL?

Thank you for your help in advance.