Two page logins - remember chosen entry


I’m using the Kee extension with KeePass2 on Firefox (linux). For many sites I have multiple login entries. For all sites which use a two page log-in, I have to select the correct entry twice, once for the username and again for the password. As these two page log-ins are becoming (argh) a trend, this is getting increasingly annoying.

Is there a way around this? Kee could simply remember the entry that I chose for a given domain for say, 2-3 minutes and just use that entry again, if another field to fill is encountered.

Best, Florian

The Google login is a good place the reproduce this behavior. :wink:

For me it wasn’t that much of a Problem yet. But I can see the problem and would like to have that feature too.
I can imagine that it very difficult to implement this feature without it getting annoying on another place, because there are many edge cases to handle. The fact that like every such multi page form is being “special” in their very own ways does not help it neither.