Turn off console logging?

Is it possible to turn off Kee’s logging to the Firefox developer console? I can’t debug my own webpages because Kee is filling up the console with debug information!

Possibly not entirely. We only got some bugs fixed a few hours before the launch of Kee 2.0 so I’ve not made a concerted effort to ensure all logging can be disabled yet in case it’s needed for urgent debugging tasks.

Hopefully if you switch the Kee option for the logging level to Error this will be a big help though.

I suspect that the longer term solution to this problem has to come from Mozilla though (e.g Chrome lets one filter out messages from extensions).

Edit: The underlying technical challenge here is that Kee cannot know what logging to enable until the browser supplies the relevant configuration information. This doesn’t happen before Kee needs to start logging some early startup events, most notably the request for, and later handling of, the configuration data.

Ironically, Firefox used to have this feature in 56 and below, but it must have disappeared when they rewrote the dev tools for 57 and above.

As mentioned in the issue I added on GitHub, setting the log verbosity level has no effect on the “Logging system initialised” text so sadly there’s no workaround unless Mozilla get their act together and put the feature back in.