TOTP autocopy

I use TOTP custom fields in my database and I believe many other too.
Having an autocopy of TOTP codes during autofill of credentials would make the user experience much smoother.


I touched on this in my answer to your other suggestion but at the moment KeePassRPC and hence Kee, does not know what a TOTP is so we can’t take any sort of automated action like you suggest.

When we add complete TOTP support to KeePassRPC and Kee, it’s likely that we will focus on enabling automatic form filling rather than copying a value into the clipboard but if we do happen to end up at a halfway point where copying to the clipboard is much easier than enabling form filling support, I’ll consider implementing this suggestion as a stop-gap until proper support is developed.

I suppose you’re already aware of the downsides of storing your TOTP codes alongside your passwords? I do appreciate that it can be a way to improve usability but it does reduce the security benefits of enabling TOTPs on your accounts. Because of this drawback, TOTP is not something I’ve prioritised within Kee to date but as I mentioned in my other answer, I’ll definitely do what I can to support this workflow better when I am working on any parts of Kee that relate to TOTP support so there will be improvements one day.


I probably should have replied to this post, but I picked the other one - so I’ll just link here to that post.

Re: KeePass 2.47 and new native TOTP support:

Is there any article teaching best practices to use TOTP on KeePass?

What I’ve been doing is have a db exclusively to TOTP, with its own settings.

It’s also good for UX, because I have way fewer TOTP entries than all passwords, so it’s easier to find them, as I need to copy-paste them. I use {HMACOTP} on the password field and KeeOpt2 for the features, so Ctrl-C copies the TOTP code.