Extended entry view (Custom fields and TOTP)

Currently, it’s possible to have access to the login and password only from the browser.
Often it is necessary to copy other data from the custom fields of the entry.
It would be super handy to view custom fields for the database entries directly from extension.

Thanks for the suggestion.

If you enable “browser integration” on a field in Kee Vault you should already see that this is working. Only text and password fields are supported at the moment but I’m hoping to support other field types in future. TOTP probably works too but it’s not something that I specifically aim to support at the moment and there are definitely going to be some rough edges around how Kee decides when and where to inject the TOTP answer.

I don’t know if it is possible for Custom fields to work with the KeePass database source - it would require some very substantial modifications to the KeePass “Edit Entry” dialog which may or may not be possible within the constraints of the KeePassRPC plugin. Given the complexity of the task, it’s not something I’m currently planning to spend time on but perhaps that will change one day.

The workaround is to put the information into a Kee Form Field as well as the KeePass Custom field. You may be able to deal with data changes more neatly, and perhaps even enable some TOTP support, by enabling and using placeholders for the specific KeePass entries you need, although this does of course come with the risks of placeholders that are documented elsewhere so it is definitely not a great solution.

It’s likely that if we add better support for TOTP, we would need to use something other than a Custom field but I suspect there are already a number of plugins that store the relevant information in a Custom field so perhaps KeePassRPC could somehow work alongside those plugins. Picking out which Custom field is a TOTP field is only one part of the problem - the other is how it is represented to Kee. At the moment the data model KeePassRPC uses has no concept of a TOTP so we can’t supply enough information to Kee to enable accurate form filling.

I’m planning to overhaul the data model that we use for representing data fields quite soon. It’s not changed since long before TOTP became available so that’s something which is very much in my mind when I get around to this task. My priority with TOTP will be ensuring accurate form filling rather than editing within the Kee popup but it is quite likely that both will be possible once the improved data model has been rolled out to new versions of both KeePassRPC and Kee.

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Addressing this post specifically because of the new release of KeePass, which now has native TOTP support and a placeholder for TOTPs baked into the new 2.47 release.

Will this allow for progress on this feature request?

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I don’t think that the new KeePass feature will change much in terms of integration with a web browser but when I have time to look into the development of the changes I mentioned above, the existence of a native TOTP feature could allow for some simplifications (either for the development cost, user experience or both).

In the mean time, you could experiment with using the new type of TOTP placeholder in a custom Kee Form field configuration in case that offers a better experience than the use of a 3rd party TOTP plugin.