The Kee icon overlaps with other functions available on some websites

Please see the following screenshot (Yandex login):
The Kee icon overlaps with the option to display the password, and when you click on it what works is “show password” (I have to search password in Keepass an copy/paste it for logging on to Yandex)
Can be “fixed” using some config option? If not, could be fixed in a future release of Kee?

Since we don’t control the contents of specific websites, it might not be possible to change this in a future release of Kee, but it’s great to see examples of problems like this since sometimes there can be small tweaks we can make which don’t have detrimental effects on other websites so we’ll bear this in mind in future.

In the short term, try using the keyboard shortcut instead when you’re not able to invoke the button in the field itself (Ctrl-Shift-2 by default, at least on Windows)

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