Synology Photostation and KeePass / Kee for Firefox

Hey there…

I like KeePass with Kee plugin for Firefox very much. Have KeePass on my phone and Windows PC. Even my wife can handle it with ease. Thanks so much for all your execellent work.
On PC we use it with Firefox and Kee. Always most recent versions.
I’ve got at least a hundred entries in my database. All work fine. Unless one login, I am not able to figure out…

So I’ve got a question:
With Synology Diskstation’s Photostation 6 I’m not able to automatically fill user and password to the login page. Diskstation standard login works perfectly. It’s only about Photostation…
The Kee triangle doesn’t show up in the user / password fields. So it seems that Kee(Pass) doesn’t find the entry.
If I do right click, “Kee”, “search login entries” it shows me my entries for Photostation. But if I select one it doesn’t fill into the user and password fields.
Assuming user and password fields have different names or ids in Photostation 6 I tried messing around with the form fields names - with no success.
Tried to get the correct names / ids from Firefox debug functionality - but cannot find a hint.

Does anybody have same experience or a solution ?

I’m pretty new to this forum. So forgive me if e.g. I opened a reduntant help question. I searched the big glasses and this forum and didn’t find an answer.

Best regards, Torsten


I’m also interested for a solution for that problem.

For me the workaround is to use auto type. You can add a custom target window

or a matching URL with the WebAutoType Addon ( ) using the global auto type shortcut.

But this isn’t as comfortable as the Kee addon.

Kind Regards.