Support for Vivaldi Browser Mail client

Vivalid Browser now, as of Version 4.0, features a mail client built into the browser. However, it only uses its internal password storage to store passwords for mail accounts. I did not look into how the mail feature is implemented and if its UI can be accessed by extensions - but in case it is, would it be possible to add support for it to Kee?

Yeah. Assuming they have a way to integrate with WebExtensions, it could be done. I suggest the best place to start is with a post to the Vivaldi support forums, etc. in order to find out if they support this idea and if so, where the relevant developer documentation resides. Let us know what you find out.


There is the Kee extension for Vivaldi.
Why should that not work for the mail sign-ins ?

Because it does not use any form that Kee can hook into, neither doese it use the same dialogues that HTTP Basic Auth uses.
Instead, it has custom components in vivalid, that Kee does currently not hook into.

The Mail client does not run as regular web content, it is a part of the application.

And that’s the point @luckyrat mentioned: Wether Kee can hook into it or not depends on the internal implementation of that feature in Vivaldi.