Support for macOS/KeePassX

Is there any roadmap or plan for this addon working in macOS/KeePassX? I’d love to have this integrate with that program so when I use a Mac I can have it hook into my KeePass database.

No plan because I hear from the KeePass folks that it runs just fine on a Mac (requires Mono of course). So I’m not aware of any reason it wouldn’t already work without worrying about KeePassX or other ports. As you’ll see from some of the help topics dotted around here though, I have no way to test or support this platform so would need others in the community to do so.

Forgive me, but what is Mono again? I have been researching this and haven’t heard of that.

You can do this with a slightly different setup:

  1. MacPass:
  2. KeepassHTTP plugin for MacPass:
  3. KeePassHttp-Connector for Firefox.

Ping me if you need some assistance.