Support for Brave Browser

It would be great to support the new privacy focused browser called Brave created by former Mozilla Co-Founder Brandon Eich.

The Brave Browser already has support for LastPass and 1Password, plus a number of other plugins. I imagine support for it shouldn’t be too far off from what is already required for Firefox and Chrome. I prefer to use Brave especially when I want to be sure FB and other social sites are not tracking me.


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I’m happy to support any other browsers if someone else puts the relevant infrastructure in place to do so and it doesn’t introduce extra work for each release.

Brave do not appear to have any information on their website that indicates they support add-ons so in this case I can’t even start thinking about what might be involved but if someone else can point to documentation about their extension framework and publishing APIs to enable integration with the same systems we use for Firefox and Chrome that would be a good starting point.

I am satisfied with the performance of Kee.
By the way, I am using “Brave” as a sub browser.
Therefore, I request Support for Brave.
Please consider that.

A quick look at Brave seems to indicate they support Quantum/Chrome extensions out of the box, but haven’t really set up a way to accept new extensions and vet them for their extension ‘repo’. ymmv.

I suggest owl and bbbco try installing this way (and tell us how it goes!)
Sources I glanced at (can only post two links):

Good luck!