Supply credentials doesn't work on some websites


on some websites, , for example, supplying the recorded credentials doesn’t work because the plugin then push the last button on the form.

In those particular cases, the “s’inscrire” (which means sign up in french) or “créer un compte” (same thing, joy of french langage) buttons are pressed by the plugin.

Is there a way to select the button that need to be pushed, or to workaround, or (I hope so) repair this one ?


I’m afraid that there’s no way to customise this behaviour at the moment. I did release some improvements to the detection of submit buttons earlier in the year so with a bit of luck the latest version of Kee is working better for you on those websites but unfortunately if it is not, there’s not much that can be done unless we were to implement a whole new customisation feature. I’m playing with some ideas about that at the moment but it’s a huge amount of work so may never happen.

This is a rapidly growing problem that is impacting more and more popular sites as they expand the number of available options on their login pages. Amazon is the latest to have modified their login page with multiple submit buttons, and of course Kee ( always selects the wrong one.

Initially I thought I would be able to work around this on affected sites by changing the Entry behavior for Auto-submit in KeePass to Never and clicking the correct button myself, but Kee doesn’t recognize the override and whenever I choose a matched login the form is submitted—incorrectly— regardless . That leaves me with two disappointing options: Either disable auto-submit for “when you choose a matched login” altogether (thus disabling it for all sites, ugh!), or abandoning Kee on those sites and reverting to KeePass auto-type for entry. For now I’ve chosen the latter.

I’m hopeful this isn’t really a problem for which a solution “may never happen.” But since my coding skills are rudimentary at best, I’m not really fit to judge or complain. :smirk:


OK for me. Just a few websites are impacted for the moment.
And yes, I noted some improvements recently for some sites (but introducing the same with others, so…)

Thank for your attention and your great work.

There are improvements to the selection of the correct sign-in button in v3.0 and I’ve specifically looked at Amazon( today (@Megamind) and developed an improvement that makes that work in v3.1. We’re still a while from 3.1 being released as a beta and it’ll need some further testing to ensure it doesn’t make the situation worse on other sites but I’m reasonably confident that the change will stick and make it through to the stable 3.1 release.

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