Subscibtion discount

Hello, I’ve tried also contacting support with the internal support function in KeeVault and they recommended that I use this forum.
So, my problem is, that I wanted to use the 50%discount over producthunt. There was only note, that you should click on the webpage from producthunt. There was a brief flash of new address in url bar with parameter comething like code=PRODHUNT. But I stayed on producthunt page.
So i tried to type the code into my profile keevault subscribtion.
But that didnt help either.
So, is there any way to have the discount please?

I’ve now found your account and manually added a 50% discount; as I said privately, it’s clear that you were trying to apply the discount when it was 50% so I’m happy to honour that.

I’m sorry for the confusion.

I’m working on enabling clickable links in the secure message system today but it’ll be a bit of time before that feature is available to everyone. For most queries it’s definitely best to search this forum first and then post a new topic if you can’t find the answer you need.

The problem with the link on Product Hunt is discussed elsewhere on this forum but it’s not important now. There’s nothing more you need to do - when your subscription activates after the end of your free trial, you will be charged only £10 for the whole year.

Thanks for your support.