Specific Website Settings

I have been messing with getting Kee to fill out eBay feedback for me.
I got it to work fine, but was not able to get the specific website settings to work.
I cannot find any documentation for the new site specific page either.

Here is an example of what I did.

  1. Create a keepass entry for eBay Feedback
    Username: Awesome eBayer, Great Communication, Fast Delivery, A+++
    URL: h t t p s ://www.ebay.com.au/fdbk/
    Autotype: override default sequence, {USERNAME}
    Kee, URLS, Exact, Add Regex, https://www.ebay.com(.au)?/fdbk/.*
    I then added ,OVERALL_EXPERIENCE_COMMENT to the whitelist all sites Text field name.

This worked fine.

When I try to remove this and create a site specific version it will not fill out the form.

I put OVERALL_EXPERIENCE_COMMENT in the Text Field Whitelist and then…

I tried all options for site name, Domain, Hostname, Page & All Options of Method, Exact, Prefix, Regex.

I tried h t t p s://www.ebay.com.au, h t t p s://www.ebay.com, h t t p s://www.ebay.com(.au)?/fdbk/.* etc.

(Links expanded due to forum restrictions)

I don’t quite understand the options as they don’t exactly match Keepass.

i.e. whats page?, if I set regex do I put the regex in the hostname. What is the weight for?

Either way I could not get the behaviour to be the same.

Can I have an explanation of the site specific settings and also why the above does not work?

PS, thanks for Kee it is an excellent bit of software.

Please see the draft documentation at Whitelisting or blacklisting forms but note that Kee isn’t really designed to work as a general purpose form filler like this. I think that once you read the new documentation and adjust your configuration (e.g. using www.ebay.com for the domain target) you will probably be able to get it to do what you want but it’s not necessarily going to be perfect for this sort of thing so if you find yourself wanting a wider range of generic form filling features, you might benefit from searching for some additional add-ons that offer more functionality for that sort of thing.

I have created an issue on GitHub to improve the guidance about what to type in the Website box so we can reduce the need for reference to the documentation in future.

Need a list of example working regular expressions.