"save latest password" dialog


I really like the upgrade to Kee!
The only feature I’m struggling with is the new “save latest password” (there already have been similar posts).

I’m NOT referring to the more quiet “Save the password” strategy (which I really like):

  • The header of the menu once you click on the button in the toolbar (FF 57.0.3), shows “You are logged in to your ‘’ password database” - I think the db-name is missing
  • my perception is, that Kee now more often fails in login-detection for many sites (so not giving you the option to “Save latest password” in the menu). But if you create a manual entry in Keepass for that site (Title+User+Password+URL), Kee offers the stored login right away (so Kee obviously detects the page for inserting existing login-data, but fails in saving the initially entered data)
  • when pressing the “Save latest password” button, and the dialog “Save login” opens, I’m missing some key-information, what is going to be saved in Keepass. eg on some sites you face a lot of automated redirects after you submit the login-form and then I don’t feel confident, that really my data is stored (and not some automated injected data within the redirects). So I would really like to have some information in the “Save login” dialog available, like “Title” (Page-header) + “Username” are going to be saved (so you immediately understand, that “USER123”'s login is going to be saved for webpage “MYLOGIN.com”)
  • I have a huge group-tree in Keepass. When choosing the group in the “save login”-dialog, the “tree”-information is not available - so it is difficult to determine the correct group (esp. if the group’s name is used several times in the tree). In Keefox, the tree was availabel in the dialog

and again thanks for all you work you put into Kee!

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