Safari Support?


It’s great to see that you went from supporting only FireFox to supporting FireFox and Google Chome and you’re currently working on Edge support.

However I think you’re missing another big fish: Safari

It’s the prevailing browser on MacOS-Systems and support for it would be very nice to have. Especially considering it has a ~5% market share compared to th ~11% of FF, ~67% of Chrome and ~4% of Edge (Source:

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Safari browser is not working on my iPhone X, I thought it may be the system issue so I also contacted mac uae but they told me that there is no fault in the system. So, can anyone tell me a way to solve this issue?

@alice909 Does your question have anything to do with Kee or Kee Vault? It sounds like a general technical problem so please ask Apple or other Apple technical support forums for assistance since we are unable to help with that sort of thing here.

As for the original question, Apple are removing support for extensions in Safari this year so I have no plans to investigate this any further.

On a brighter note, we can expect that Edge support is feasible this year once they transition to a Chromium backend (and there’s even talk of Edge running on Apple devices one day so Safari may become significantly less relevant in the coming years)

You can download and use Safari on Windows and solve the issue.