Rename "KeeFox" in gernerated folders

I have installed Kee and let Kee generate a password for me.
In KeePass I have a new folder called “KeeFox”, this should be renamed to Kee.
Same with the folder “KeeFox Generated Password Backups”.

Why are there 2 folders created?
I do not need the folder “Kee”, just the folder “KeeFox Generated Password Backups”.

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The “KeeFox” folder is there for backwards compatibility reasons. It was previously used to hold example KeePass entries to help with the KeeFox tutorial.

Both folders will be renamed to Kee automatically when version 1.8 or higher of KeePassRPC is installed.

I have no immediate plans to release this because at the moment the only changes are the multitude of branding changes from KeeFox to Kee. While important in the medium-term, I don’t feel this alone justifies the interruption to users so soon after the upheaval of the upgrade from KeeFox to Kee at the end of last year. Many people find the KeePass plugins system very difficult to use and the update process is likely to confuse and potentially concern a large number of users so this will need to be carefully scheduled and announced in advance (unless any critical security problems are revealed in the mean-time of course).

I’m thinking of doing it sometime this year but it won’t be for at least a couple of months yet.

This is nothing with a high priority, so when you are releasing a new version (containing other more important features) then this might also be implemented.