Referenced entries matching

Hi. This is my first post so thanks for allowing us users this open place to write down!

I use KeePass as backend DB. I used to do browser autofill with chromeIpass and moved to Kee when it got out from the chrome store.

I have a few user/pwd that work on a SSO schema with different things (apps, webpages, etc.) So for these entries, I have a Master entry with the user and password, and then I use N other entries that references the master usr/pwd using the settings I need for each different access (OS login popup window, app popup window, web urls, etc). This way I don’t have to update N entries every time I have to renew password, for example.

So, for this kind of entries I will use “Placeholders” in the form:

{REF:U@whatever} for username and {REF:P@whatever} for password.

In such a case, I don’t know if Kee or KeepassRPC, is not following the reference. Instead it is inserting the reference as text (i.e. it fills the password field with {REF:P@blahblah} text).

Back in the chromeIpass it worked fine, but it also used different plugin: KeePassHTTP, so I don’t know who performed the task of following the reference and gather the real value from the master entry.

I’m not sure if I’m missing any configuration for this to work, or it’s a bug, or it should be a feature request.

I see many views, but no comments. Nobody around has ever faced this issue? Nobody around has any insight on this?

There is no support for the KeePass REF feature in Kee.

There is no support for the KeePass REF feature in Kee.

What about the future? Can it be implemented? There are many sites that use different domains but accounts are shared, for example and

Is it planned that Kee will handle this? The previous KeePass interface for browser I used (nowhere as good as Kee) was handling this easily.