Question about excluding the Kee icon from some forms

I’m a bit confused by this. The directions don’t quite line up with the process I’ve found is necessary, and while I’ve managed to whitelist a field so Kee uses it instead of another field when I trigger it to enter the login info, that other field, and another one that comes up later, both have the Kee icon inside them to the right, which keeps making the Kee menu open on those fields when I’m interacting with them. I’m trying to blacklist them so the Kee icon doesn’t show in them, but have no idea how. In case it helps or matters, the site is (waze.)

This documentation is about blacklisting or whitelisting forms. There is no functionality to adjust the behaviour of the Kee icon on a specific form field within a form that Kee has selected for a potential form fill operation, although that has been discussed in various places for a while. E.g.:

Ok. I thought blacklisting a field would make Kee completely ignore it, therefore making the icon not show in it. Thanks for the clarification.

To be clear, blacklisting a text field should cause Kee to completely ignore the form (and hence cause the icon to not show in that field) so in some situations this is exactly what one would want. However, if your aim is to have Kee fill a form but just not display the icon on certain fields, this blacklisting feature won’t help.

If that doesn’t match your experience, please provide more information and concrete examples where it doesn’t work so we can investigate if there is a bug somewhere.

The details are in my original post above. I whitelisted the login field because Kee kept trying to use another field, and that worked, but then I tried to blacklist the other fields to keep the icon from showing in them, and that didn’t work. The icon kept showing no matter what I tried.

OK, sounds like it’s working as expected then - I just wasn’t entirely sure if the various fields you talked about in your first post were within the same form or not, but it makes sense now.

If we decide to implement the feature of hiding the Kee icon from particular fields, it’ll most likely be discussed first in the post I linked to above.