Problems with the name 'Kee'

As a KeeFox user that upgraded to what is now called Kee a few months ago, I have some concerns about the name.

It’s important to have a unique name that makes sense, is easy to remember and easy to find when using search engines.

KeePass and KeeFox are a good examples of this as far as unique names go.
Both are fairly easy to remember and you can find the home pages easily via Google.

However I’m not sure Kee works as well for remembering the name and thus far is not easily found via a Google Search for Kee (For me it seems to be the 7th result after an automatic translation of the Hindi word Kee, definitions of the word Kee and an upcoming Indian movie called Kee).

I know that with support for Thunderbird and now support for Google Chrome, the name KeeFox doesn’t work as well anymore but using the name Kee seems a little too generic.

I will admit, I’m not sure if there is a better name and I’m not great at coming up with names but I figured it was worth pointing out to see what the developer and other users think of the name Kee.


I too have the minor issue of finding the site due to the name, but I don’t personally think it’s enough of an issue to warrant changing it, and I like the name. My problem is that if I type “kee” in Firefox’s URL bar, it wants to autocomplete to keepass…, and if I delete everything after “kee” it still doesn’t show the site, even though it’s in my history. I have to type “kee.” (with the dot after it) in order to get Firefox to show it. But that’s an issue with Firefox being stupid, not an issue with Kee. Also, if you do a search for “kee keepass” it’ll be the first result. So yeah, the name causes a tiny bit of difficulty in getting to this site, compared to if it were more unique, but that’s a potential problem no matter the name, and it’s incredibly insignificant IMO, certainly not worth the effort of changing the name, much less the domain, and then there would of course be the issue of losing the branding and having all previous mentions of it not be referring to the new name. Could a better name have been used from the start? Possibly (I’d go with PassKee personally). Is it feasible to change it now? Not at all.

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There is one more problem with this name. My wife has just passed by me, looked at the screen and giggled. I asked her what was the matter and she told me that In Thai ‘kee’ means ‘shit’, literally. You can google for อึ. I believe you don’t have many thais around but this new name is really awkward for anyone who speaks that language.

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