Problems filling at Uservoice

I have problems logging in at Uservoice.
This is a platform where users can give feedback for many applications.
Also Microsoft is using Uservoice to collect feedback from users.

I go to
But Kee does not fill anything.
If I click on “Passende Logins” (I have the German UI so it should be something like “suitable logins” or "fitting logins) then Kee finds two entries (this is correct) but if I select any of them then nothing is filled.

Also when I fill the login fields manually Kee does not ask me if the fields should be stored in KeePass.

In KeePass the two entries have the URL “
If I edit the password I see in the “Kee” tab and the sub-tab “URLs” that Hostname.
The reason for this is that for every application there is a separate URL like “
And for each application you need separate login information.

Next problem: the field Password is shown AFTER I entered the username.

What can I do that Kee fills the login fields?
Thank you for your help!