Problem with KeePass/KeeFox when using on two browsers

I first posted this on the KeePass forum, but they said I should post it here instead.

I have a Windows 7 (64 bit) desktop computer. KeePass 2.38 (and KeePassRPC installed on the computer. My primary browser is: Pale Moon, which I have used for years (now Ver 27.9.2). I just added Firefox (Ver 42.0) because I need it for the website work I do. The KeeFox add-on is installed on both browsers, These are the latest versions of KeePass, KeePassRPC and KeeFox that I can run because the Pale Moon browser will not support newer versions.

If I have been running , for example, Pale Moon when I open Firefox, I see on Firefox the two screens as shown here:

I enter the password, and now KeeFox and KeePass work just fine…

Then I close and reopen Pale Moon . I get the two screens again. I enter that password (which is different), and everything works. As long as I have both browsers open, everything works fine. But if I then close Firefox, and open it again, I get the same two screens. The same problem occurs If, after entering the password on FIrefox, I close Pale Moon and then reopen it. These messages will continue appearing as long as I alternate opening and closing the two browsers,

Any suggestions as to what is going on here, and how to fix it?


Have a look if any of the info in this topic helps:


I went to that link, and it describes my problem exactly. I tried going to about:config as it described, but there are two entries. I am able to change one, but not the other. And it is not clear if one or both need to be changed.

So I posted a query on that link, but then I noticed that it is marked [Solved], so I don’t know if cecilkorik, who wrote the solution, will get a notice of my post. Can you, as administrator, make sure he gets it, or if you know the answer to my question, you can answer it.



I’ve replied to that topic. If you need to get someone’s attention, you can @mention them, like this:


It’s not a guarantee that they will see your message (or have the time/knowledge to reply) but it’s the best one can do without being overly intrusive.