Problem with gmail login and eye symbol

on the gmail login page, an option to show the password is offered (an eye symbol). I have more than one gmail accounts. When I come on to that page, a first password from a list in keepass is filled-in, without showing it. When I choose from the keepass drop-down list another account, the password is taken but also the password is shown.The other way around also happens. When I click the eye button, a first password is shown and when I choose another one from the drop-down list, it isn’t shown any more. This is not how it should be, I guess. Or is it?

Sometimes it may affect as showing that the Gmail Temporary Error occur on your account for which you will not get the access. In case you are facing any problem regarding gmail login you can do the following steps to recover this issue:

  1. Check the internet connection and set at the regular speed.
  2. Clear the cache files and cookies too.
  3. Disable the internet security software till you get the access to login.