Prefix console logging

I understand it isn’t currently feasible to disable the addon’s console logging, but would it be possible/simple enough to prefix log output with "Kee: " or something similar so it’s immediately obvious that the message comes from the addon and not the page I’m debugging?

It’s a very minor issue but it would make my life that little bit easier! Happy to make a PR if wanted.

Thanks for the offer of help.

I’m exploring options around logging for a future release of Kee and will keep this in mind. Prefixing is entirely possible but since this is really a Firefox issue rather than a Kee one, I’m hesitant to make such a change when other browsers manage the situation much more sanely. If it gets to a point where Mozilla officially come out and say they will never implement filtering console logs by source/add-on I’ll reconsider the pros and cons of this suggestion but it’s not something that’s on my TODO list at the moment.