Performance problems with 3.10.8beta

Today, the add-on was autoupdated to version 3.10.8beta in my Firefox Beta 110. Since that, it works extremely slow, at least when I click the toolbar icon. It lasts too long to show the main popup. Anyone have this problem too?

PD. Gmail tab is working very slow too :astonished::disappointed_relieved:


Rapid searching in the popup can stretch the CPU a little but it doesn’t sound like that’s what you’re seeing. In terms of the overall system impact of the extension, memory usage seems good - only 50-100MB.

If I focus hard I can believe that it takes maybe 100ms longer to display the popup than before but I haven’t seen any impact on other tabs yet. Do you have any gmail extensions or something that might cause Kee to interact with that site? For me, Kee never does anything since there are no sign-in forms and thus I can see no impact on Gmail.

Let us know if anything changes (e.g. after a restart) or if you can narrow down what triggers the delays, along with some details about your operating system and hardware setup.

I’ll look into what performance analysis tools Firefox offers at the moment and have a little poke around some areas of the extension if I can.

Please try out v3.10.9beta which I’ve just released.

I’ve made some significant changes to the way the extension’s current state is managed in most areas.

It should be faster than 3.9.x and earlier now too since it’s a bit of a simplification from the architecture I was working towards 4 years ago. It will also probably help in the long-run since the overhead of that old approach for an MV3 extension is probably going to be even higher or maybe even impossible to achieve.

I identified that the performance issue is in some way proportional to the number of entries in the password store and could start to see visible levels of lag with around 500 entries. No doubt that number will vary significantly on different hardware and with different entry contents, as well as subjective opinion.

I don’t like adding anything non-critical to a beta release before promoting it to stable, especially considering the the current urgent nature of Mozilla’s actions. However, I think this just about meets the criteria for an exception. There are still some related improvements to look at in a future version though - e.g. Avoid patching Pinia store with initial state · Issue #326 · kee-org/browser-addon · GitHub

Thanks for letting me know about it so I could improve the situation before releasing the latest version more widely.

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Sorry, I couldn’t do the testing you asked for… but the v3.10.9beta works very well! I just updated, and now I can’t detect any lag on the extension or the browser in general. Thank you very much!!