Payment Methods


Since I don’t own a credit card I would rather like to pay with PayPal, is this possible somehow?


You can pay with any card - it doesn’t have to be a credit card. All debit cards and prepaid cards should work just fine so I don’t think that PayPal would be necessary since you need something like this to use with your PayPal account anyway?


Thats wrong, you can have an bank account as payment option in PayPal
So there is no card needed at all.


yeah, I have my bank account connected to PayPal


Interesting; thanks for the feedback. I wonder if this is a supported option for Paypal in all countries. I never saw it when I signed up but then again that was a long time ago and I probably wouldn’t have been looking for it.

In any case, I’ve done some research and I’m afraid that adding support for payment via Paypal for Kee Vault is not going to be feasible at the moment but if enough people show an interest in that as an alternative payment option I’ll consider developing the feature in future.

Until then, perhaps people can post suggestions to this thread about ways to sign up for a pre-paid card or basic debit card?

I’m sure the options vary hugely depending upon which country you’re from but it’s worth looking into digital accounts if you’re in UK/Europe since they are easy to register for and generally offer a better experience than traditional banks - things like Starling, Revolut, Monzo, N26, etc.