Password Generation

if I generate a new password via kee, I can select between random MAC address and hex key. Why isn’t there an option to generate passwords using all letters from a-z, A-z and also some special characters like ‘!?&%$…’? I’m just curious.


Password generation is provided by KeePass. Go to “Tools > Generate password…” and then save a new profile using whatever combination of characters and rules you prefer. You can then select the new profile from Kee whenever you want.

That’s it. I wasn’t aware of that. Thanks very much for the help.


Few years later, I have exactly the same issue. I am with Keepass 2.38 and Kee - Password Manager 3.9.5 for firefox under linux ubuntu, and I have only four profiles to generate passwords (3 HEX and 1 MAC). I do not see the profile I build in KeePass appearing in the firefox plug-in… Am I missing some ingredient here ?

Thanks for your help

I think you need to open KeyPass itself and create a profile/selection of parameters to form password eg 20 characters, upper case, lower case etc and then click the save button. Then you get a chance to name it. After this it will be available in Key to choose. eg I have named 20UpLwNum and 20UpLwNumSpec to remind me the rules in the profile (as different sites want different things). I don’t think you can do it from the Firefox plugin.

Indeed ! Modifying the (custom) profile is not enough, I overlooked the “save profile” button. Then it appears in the firefox plug-in.

Thanks a lot