Password generation not filling in


when I right click generate password and pick one entry from the menu I do not see anything in the input.

Firefox 59.0.2, KeePass 2.38 (on Linux), Kee plugin

How can I debug this?


You should have seen a message saying that the password is now on your clipboard and therefore ready to be pasted into whichever fields you need it - sorry if this wasn’t clear or visible enough.

Sometimes there can be more than one field that needs to be filled in so we don’t automatically take this step for you.

Hi there, trying out Keepass and Kee for the first time…I also got a little discombobulated with this, until I found this topic. The thing is, I’m not seeing any pop-up message, and the getting started tutorial doesn’t specify that the new password is on the clipboard.

Thanks for the feedback.

I’ve simplified step 3 of the tutorial in the past few days so hopefully the instruction to paste the password is a little easier to find now. Still work to do in that area I think but it’s an improvement.

In a future version of Kee I’m also planning to display a more explicit message after the password has been generated.


Some signup forms (such as don’t allow pasted passwords. Is there any way that Kee could edit the page to re-enable password pasting?

In some cases perhaps. It can’t be implemented in a reliable way though so I’d prefer to focus on the bigger picture of reducing the need to manually paste the password anyway.

In the mean time, you could try pasting the password elsewhere first and then trying to drag/drop it into the problematic field.