Page login worked with Kee2.5.6 but Not with Kee 3.7.8

I deleatd earlier post by mistake.

Using WIN7, WaterFox 'Classic" 56.5 (similar to Firefox 56.0), Kee 2.5.6 extension and KeePass 2.47 successfully. The AutoFill worked flawlessly on ALL sites with login’s.

However progress has forced me to upgrade my Browser and Kee extension.
Now my browser is WaterFox 78.8.0 (similar to Gecko 78.8 / Firefox 78) and Kee 3.7.8 extension along with KeepassRPC.plgx upgraded to and KeePass 2.47 database.

My new Broswer and Kee extension combination work good on 99% of my former login’s.
However one that worked before does Not now. The login page show the Kee Icon’s in the USER ID / PASSWORD fields… However before, Kee used to AutoFill the fields. ALSO now when I click on the Kee ICON in the USER ID field, it show me the matching login, HOWEVER clicking on the ‘matching login’ Does Nothing. NO Autofill the appropriate data when clicking on the matching entry.

To Login I have to use Copy and Paste manually from the matching login entry.

The website login page in question is referenced below.: You can easily Test this by making a Fake Data Entry for this site in the KeePass database to see if any data can AutoFill. No need to actually login this site.

AutoFill worked OK with Kee2.5.6 and my old browser but NOT with the updated versions.

FYI - Other login pages with my New Browser and updated Kee extension etc., work OK. No problems with my email accounts, banks and even this forum site. THEY ALL AutoFill OK… but NOT the site mentioned.

As a test I Tried downgrading to kee 3.2.7 extension, but the same problems occurred.

Any help or workaround would be much appreciated. !!!
Also from a technical standpoint, it would be great to know why this site works with Kee 2.5.6 but NOT with Kee 3.7.8…??

GOOD LUCK trouble shooting this one…!!!

A lot will have changed between those versions of Kee - it’s too long ago for us to be able to realistically pin down exactly which change(s) will have altered the behaviour on a specific website.

That site is full of content designed to prevent password managers from functioning correctly so there’s a limited amount you can do to make it work but I think I found a way to somewhat workaround the problem.

I created a new entry with a username and password and then assigned a form field id to each of those form fields in the entry (“userID” for the KeePass username and “password” for the KeePass password).

This should then allow you to fill the details when you select the matched entry manually. However, the form is technically noisy so we can’t be sure that it is a sign-in form and thus can’t automatically populate the information when the page first loads.

It’s possible that adding a checkbox field to the entry (for the “remember me” field) will push it over the threshold for us to think that it is a close enough match to auto-fill but I’m not sure and haven’t got the time to investigate at the moment so you might rather just click the entry to fill it when you need, especially if this technical detail is a bit outside of your comfort zone.

I also would expect that you’d need to click on the “Log in” button manually because they use Javascript to prevent sign-ins from assistive technologies like Kee.