Override autosubmit for secondary entries

Hi all,

I’ve got a particular website I use continuously throughout the day, and it automatically logs me out, multiple times per session. So I did what every reasonable person does and I set my account to autofill and autosubmit. Recently, however, I got a second account for this site. With the appropriate priority settings my primary account still logs in automatically, which is the desired behaviour. The issue comes now with using the secondary account. If I select it from the search bar, it takes me to the corresponding login page and then fills in the primary account info and autosubmits it, effectively making it impossible to use the secondary account without first disabling autosubmit on the primary.

I acknowledge that I’ve hit a bit of an edge case in terms of behaviour, but it does seem reasonable that selecting an account from the search bar overrides the priorities of other accounts for that page or at the very least ignores their autofill/submit settings.