One bug several problems

There’s a bug with the Kee extension when I use it with Keepass when it’s set to Always show on top and try to edit the username or password in the Kee Form fields section in the Keetab the window automatically resizes to the taskbar and I can never get it to maximise again. It’s been like this for at least a couple of years now and no fix has been seen.

Now to a more lesser problem.
When set to exact in the URL match accuracy it sometimes doesn’t work. Now there’s a site with a rolldown log in window which has a separate URL from the main domain site. Despite copying the URL from the rolldown window and adding it to the additional URLs it doesn’t seem to work. I have the main URL in the URL in the general tab of Keepass but despite that it doesn’t work.

If there’s any more details needed I’ll try to provide them.

I’m not familiar with an “Always show on top” feature and haven’t heard of this problem before, which may partly explain why you have seen no fix for a couple of years. Is it a feature created by a different plugin?

As for the URL match accuracy problem, it may be more related to the way the website has structured the different inner websites than a problem with match accuracy configuration - it’s hard to know without more concrete details of the website in question and its structure. Please open a separate topic about that separate issue to help keep the discussion focussed and improve the chances of others finding your topic now and in the future.

In Keepass press View then Always on top. It’s seperated with lines so it’s impossible to miss. Kee won’t let me edit the username or password in the Form field tab when Always on top is checked. As soon as I press edit the window autohides to the taskbar and can’t be maximised again.

I have found the setting in that View menu now. I can’t reproduce the problem you describe. For me, enabling that setting causes KeePass to remain always on top and all entry edit dialogs, including the one to edit a Kee form field, also appear on top.

Whether there is something unique about your computer or this is just one of those fun Window-focus glitches that affect small subsets of computers, I don’t know. I guess we have to see if anyone else can reproduce the issue before we can begin to narrow down whether there is anything that KeePassRPC can do differently to prevent this behaviour.

I see. I have to check on another computer to reproduce the problem. I also noticing the same problem in the URL section too. I can’t add, edit or delete Additional URLs either. If I hoover the mousepointer directly the Add URL taskbar it seems to hide behind the main Edit Entry window. Since I can’t moove the Edit Entry window I can’t see if that’s really the case. The Add URL window also shows up in alt tab but it won’t show up despite clicking on it, it’s always stays in the taskbar.

I tried to play around little and I can confirm the windows hide behind the Edit Entry window, this happens every time. I don’t know why but i could rezise them with the keyboard arrows.