On each startup of Firefox Kee-firstrun-page

each time a user start Firefox 78.4 ESR, the firstrun-page of Kee 3.5 appears.
We use highliy restricted Installations in our Domain, FIrefox is configured via GPO, each time Firefox closes the history, cache and cookies are deleted. This is due to german data protection laws in governmental organisations.

The adons in Firefox are also configured via GPOs.

Why Kee displays on each startup its welcome-Screen?

Thank you
Thomas K., Hannover, Germany

Firefox notifies Kee each time Kee is installed or upgraded (same goes for every other browser extension).

In Kee 3.6 the upgrade notice can be deferred under some circumstances but there is never a reason to delay showing a new user the important information about how to configure and start using the extension so I don’t expect those changes to make much of a difference to your situation.

I can’t imagine why your GPO / company has configured Firefox to re-install every extension every time Firefox starts (or delete Firefox’s critical storage data such that it believes this is happening). Unfortunately, I therefore can’t suggest any way to fix the problem apart from getting either your company or Firefox to change this behaviour, or at least providing you with the necessary information to allow you to work around the problem.