Obtrusive icon when OFF

First of all thanks for Kee 2.0! Works like a charm.

I find the big red OFF icon, when not logged in to a database.
Maybe it could be an option to choose to hide the big red obtrusive icon?

I am having trouble with Keepass now just Kee I see.

It shows a big red OFF logo and I cannot open it as before.

Just upgraded to FireFox 57. Kee version OS Linux Mint18.2 Sonya

Help please?

See the answer of LuckyRat - it is the FF standard icon format

Oh too bad :confused:
But thanks for your reply

Thanks, but still am stuck.
How do I open Kee?
If I click the icon I get Help Centre or Options only, No open.

BTW, new here, what does reply from Dennis mean, or is it crap?


Due to the limitations imposed by the new WebExtensions architecture, it is no longer possible possible to open Keepass from the toolbar menu. You will need to initiate Keepass from the Start Menu, or change the setting in Keepass so that it starts automatically with Windows.

Dennis’ last reply to FrogerWorld was simply expressing his disappointment that the formatting of the OFF icon cannot be changed, as this is (for now at least) the standard imposed by Firefox.