No sort for multiple web-site accounts with Kee 3.0


since the last update my entries are not sorted any more.
I’ve 8 email accounts for a special provider and they are shown unsorted in the Kee dialogue.
Before they had been sorted by title and I could always have my preferred account at the top by having titles like “(a) email-x…”, “(b) email-a”, “© email-b”, etc.

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I’m working as developper and user support for a website and I use multiple logins (sometimes a lot) for the same website (admin account, customer account,…). It would be nice to being able to filter the entry list or jump to matching entries by typing the first letters. I’m really looking forward to see this as well as a keeboard shortcut to open kee popup instead of having to click on kee icon.


I’m not aware of anything changing in v 3.0 that could explain different sorting behaviour and can’t reproduce any problems with sorting at the moment. It appears to be working as it always has done and as intended (tested in Kee 3.3 with KeePass and Kee Vault).

I’ll definitely look into being able to filter the matching logins in future. Possibly we could offer multiple ways to sort the results, although I think this is very unlikely to provide a good experience so it’s low down the list of things to consider at the moment.

The Ctrl-Shift-1 keyboard shortcut opens the Kee popup (unless you or another extension have reconfigured this).