No search or list of logins in panel/popup/dropdown


The only issue on GitHub I’m aware of that relates to this is #7 which enables search functionality. As discussed in that issue, there are no plans to include an independent group browsing list in Kee at this time so you can either use the group browsing list in KeePass or type a few characters of the item you’re looking for into the search box. The latter is typically the fastest possible way to find an entry, especially in Chrome (or Firefox once they fix the focussing bug in a month or two).


Thank you for you’re answer!
Too bad that this function is the reason i started using Keefox, and my understanding is that a lot of users have that same motivation.
Regrettably without that login listing using Kee is not an option.
Hopefully this will change in the (near) future.
For now i will be using Keefox 1.7.2 in the Firefox alternative named Waterfox.
Everything still works very good with this combination!