No pwd-store option for some banking-sites



I am using Kee along with KeePass 2.37 under Windows 10/64 Bit in a windows-domain together with firefox 57.0/64 Bit.
The tool works in about 70% of all cases well. There are a couple of banking-sites (e.g., where Kee does not offer me, to store the username/password after entering my user-credentials.
In this cases, I added manually an entry in Keepass. The login works now in principle, but username and password are not filled in automatically, when I open the web-page again. After I call theappropriate web-page I can use the Kee-icon from the toolbar and chose ‘use appropriate logindata’. If I choose this option, it offers the correct inputdata.
Why is this not done automatically as it is done with all the pages, where ist offered me to store the username/passwords.
The username/password for the above banking-sites is unique, i.e. I defined exactly one set of login-data.
I also tried to define the form-fieldnames in Keepass for that sites and it still does not fill in the cr4edential-data automatically.
How can I trigger Kee to fill in the data automatically?


I just logged of that forum, restarted the browser and called the page for this forum again. In the case of the url of this forum ( kee also does not offer me to store username/password.


Another example, where saving is not offered:

Any idea how to fix this? Thanks.


And another example -


I have been asked to enter more cases, where Kee does not work as expected:
besides the already mentioned urls from comdirect, vermögenszentrum and the kee-forum
I use 2 pages of ing-diba :
This one works fine:

this one does not fill in the user data automatically:
but when I click the kee-icon in the username-field, it offers me the correctly the unique username für that page

I could give more urls, but as a new user, my posts are only allowed to contan 2 links

hope that helps


I don’t know about it saving the credentials, since I always make them in KeePass when registering with a site, not the other way around, but I have also had issues with some sites not automatically filling them in. I guess I’ll have to start paying more attention to which ones so I can list them here, but the one I just came to post about is which works fine when I manually trigger it from the icon, but I’d prefer it to just fill in automatically.


I’ve been keeping a list of sites that don’t autofill, and while none of these are banking sites, I figure they should still be helpful: ( does tho)